The White Room

Featuring Dave Anderson, Killian Haugh and Brian O'Connor

Day two out with Dave, Killian and Brian and thankfully a return to some proper Scottish conditions. It was cold windy and we had tons of fresh, deep snow to deal with. As with day one, I was keen to stay out of the guy's way, they were at the end of the day paying customers and I was just tagging along. 


I set off ahead of the team as they sorted their ropes out digging a trench for them to follow. The route was heavily buried and even though I was soloing I did my best to dig out as many gear placements as I could. It kept me warm!


Shooting conditions were challenging with flat light and my lens freezing. Not to mention the incessant spindrift being blown about filled both mine and the camera lens' hood. 


Overall it was a fantastic day out that all four of us really enjoyed. For me, it was a double win. I had a good day, honing my craft in difficult conditions and I soloed a true winter classic in some truly Scottish conditions.